A rollshutter is a rolling door, window or opening cover that consists of many horizontal slats connected and guided by a rail system. Rollshutters are useful for security and vandalism protection, storm protection, sun protection and increasing energy efficiency. They can be used in residential, commercial, and institution applications. Rollshutters can be used in interior or exterior applications and are custom made to harmonize with your building.

Select rollshutters are made from high quality aluminum making them lightweight but durable. Select offers 6 different profile options and 4 stock colors. Select also offers custom painting with over 1800 available options. Select offers manual or motorized operation with a variety of control options.

Curtain Profile Options

HQ Macro: A light duty, rollformed aluminum profile with an insulated core and tough enamel finish. Typically used in residential applications for shading, privacy, cold and heat protection, and noise reduction. Typically used in commercial applications for privacy on relatively narrow spaces where security is not needed.

SHIELD Mini: A medium-duty, rollformed aluminum profile with a hard foam core, improved dent resistance, and very durable polyurethane/polymide top coat. Typically used in residential applications for shading, privacy, cold and heat protection, noise reduction, and vandalism protection. Typically used in commercial applications for counter enclosures, cabinets and storage areas for privacy, visual appearance, vandalism protection.

SAFE Mini: A heavy-duty, rollformed aluminum profile with super-hard resin core and tough enamel finish. Typically used in residential and commercial applications for high wind and storm protection and interior and exterior high security applications.

SHIELD Standard: A larger, more robust rollformed aluminum profile with hard foam core and tough enamel finish. Typically used in residential and commercial projects for medium to high security applications including large window and door protection, garage doors, counter enclosures, storage areas, and for rolling door applications.

SAFE View: An extruded aluminum profile with two profile types available – grille and perforated. Typically used in commercial applications when both high security and visibility or light-transmittance are needed. *Note: Safe View is only available in Silver.

Rollshutter Panel Boxes

Select rollshutters roll up into a two part, 5 corner housing called a “panel box”. Depending on the size of the rollshutter, these boxes range from 5” (125mm) to 12” (300mm).

Rollshutter Rail Options

Select has various rail options for rollshutters chosen based on the application and what curtain profile the project is using. For general applications where security is not a concern, we have our PRO series rail. These rails are a one-part rail system that are generally used for interior applications or residential projects where the rollshutter is being used for solar protection. For increased security, we have our SAFE series rail. The safe rail is a two-part rail that actively hides the fasteners from the outside once the installation process is complete. The cap prevents tampering with the fasteners once installed increasing the security of the shutter. For rollshutters that are wider than 6’ or need increased security or wind load protection, we have our PRO-40 and SAFE-40 rails. These rails come with a wider channel which increases the amount of penetration into the rail channel by the curtain profiles. This decreases the chance that the curtain may be forced out of the rail system by a persistent burglar or high winds. The PRO and SAFE series rails are available for the HQ Macro, SHIELD Mini and SAFE Mini profiles, for rail options on our SHIELD Standard and SAFE View.

Select Anti-Graffiti Coating

Select offers the option of an anti-graffiti coating on all rollshutters. This is a cross-linked polyurethane coating designed for maximum surface protection designed to allow for easy clean up of graffiti from exposed rollshutter surfaces. Select Anti-Graffiti Coating is a clear coat that provides a gloss finish over stock and custom colors and offers a non-stick surface, allowing you to wipe away graffiti. Some advantages of Anti-Graffiti Coating are:

  • Repels dirt and graffiti spray
  • Saves money and reduces clean up costs
  • Preserves your image
  • Protects from a wide range of substrates

With outstanding resistance to chemicals and excellent color-retention, Select Anti-Graffiti Coatings highly abrasion-resistant surface make it an ideal choice for rollshutters used in public areas and schools.